Udaariyaan 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 6 January 2023

The Episode starts with a lady crying for her child. Nehmat rushes. Nehmat gets calling for help. She leaves the room and takes the child with her. Ekam looks for her and calls her out. He sees Nehmat and thinks I know you won’t let anything happen to anyone. He hears Harleen shouting for help. He goes to her. Harleen is caught at gunpoint by Sameer. Ekam comes. Sameer points the gun at him. He says step back. Ekam says leave that girl and surrender to the police. Sameer says you are gone. Ekam beats him up. Harleen looks on.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Nehmat gets the child to the lady. Satti hugs Nehmat. Ekam defeats Sameer. The police comes and takes Sameer away. Jaswant asks are you fine, you got shot. Ekam says I m fine, take him. Harleen looks at Ekam. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, but you are shot, be careful. He says I m okay. ACP says don’t worry, everyone is safe, Ekam risked his life and caught the terrorist Sameer. Everyone claps. Nehmat asks where is Ekam. Sameer smiles and thinks now Ekam will know who is he messing up with. He blasts the place. The man says Sameer has blasted the place, Ekam was inside. Nehmat is shocked. Renuka and Mallika see the news. Renuka shouts Ekam and shows the diya blown off.Nehmat runs out. Everyone looks on. Ekam is seen getting Harleen in his arms and coming out of the fire. Harleen looks at him. He drops her there. He falls down. Jaswant asks what happened to you. Nehmat comes crying and runs to see Ekam. Advait holds her hand and stops her. Nehmat goes with him. She prays for Ekam. Renuka and Mallika come to the hospital and ask for Ekam. Doctor says he had much bleeding, he will be fine. Rupy and Shamsher come. Shamsher says nothing should happen to Ekam. ACP says we can’t afford to lose such a diamond, save him. Sameer laughs in the cell. Jaswant gets angry. Sameer says there isn’t any chance of survival for Ekam. Ekam gets treated. Nehmat calls Mallika. Mallika asks nurse about Ekam. Nurse says his condition is severe. Nikhil consoles Mallika. Nehmat plays the news. She worries for Ekam. She says I have to go to Ekam. She leaves. Naaz looks on and says she went to meet Ekam, great, it’s a way to make her fall in everyone’s sight. Jasmin calls Naaz and asks about the terrorists’ attack. Naaz says I got saved from there, isn’t this enough for you. Jasmin says I don’t know Harleen is fine or not, I can’t tell anything about her, I can’t lose Harleen.

Udaariyaan 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Harleen gets conscious in the hospital. She recalls Ekam. She plays the news. She says his name is officer Ekam Randhawa, I should go and thank him. Nurse says you lie down, you have to take rest. Harleen says he saved my life. Nurse says his condition is serious, he is in OT. Everyone prays for Ekam. Nehmat runs on the road. O palanhaare…plays… She thinks you are a fighter, nothing can happen to you, Ekam.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 January 2023

Mallika asks what’s the status, tell us. Doctor says we have shifted him to the ICU, we can’t say anything until he gets conscious. Harleen calls Jasmin. Jasmin asks how are you. Harleen says I m okay, my hero was with me, he is so amazing, I have to go to him, he is serious. Jasmin says take rest. Harleen says he is my hero, Ekam Randhawa. Jasmin asks what name did you say. Harleen says Ekam Randhawa, everyone is loving him, he saved many lives. Jasmin says Nehmat’s Ekam. Nehmat hides her face and goes to see Ekam. Nurse says sorry, you can’t meet him, he is in ICU. Rupy consoles Renuka. Nehmat comes there and sees Ekam. She recalls their moments. She cries.

Advait is with some woman. He sees the news. Nehmat gets praised. He gets angry.
Advait says I will teach them a lesson. Nehmat asks Ekam to get up. The woman asks are you falling in love with Nehmat. Advait says no, I just hate her, I want to control her, she would have gone there, I hate that man, I will teach them a lesson. He leaves. Nehmat asks Ekam not to lose so soon, please get up. Harleen thinks no one can stop me from meeting my hero.

Harleen comes to meet Ekam. Nehmat looks on and thinks who is she. Advait stops Nehmat.

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