Udaariyaan 7 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 7 December 2022

The Episode begins with Nehmat getting Naaz’s call. She leaves. Shelly says Ruler saved us today. Jasmin says OK, however Ruler won’t save generally, we must watch out for Nehmat, consistently recollect a certain something, she is like Tejo, she gets a kick out of the chance to spy, I will come in Naaz’s marriage. Its morning, Rupy and everybody are occupied in plans. Rupy is on stand by. Ekam returns home. He reviews Nehmat. He figures how might I go in. Shelly says Ekam, what are you doing here, come in. Ekam says I came to meet Rupy, you go, I will come. She goes. Ekam sees Rupy. Naaz asks what, Ekam came here, why. Shelly says Mallika could have sent him to express sorry to Nehmat. Rupy sees Ekam.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Ekam says I came to meet Nehmat, I need to converse with her. Naaz and everybody look on. Satti reviews pandit’s words. Rupy says I believed you should converse with her, that ought to have not occurred on mehendi day, I maintain that you should avoid Nehmat till marriage, she has smothered all the distress, let the marriage happen calmly, go at this point. Ekam says fine, as you say. He leaves. Naaz says its benefit. Rupy requests that Satti come. She says all is great. She appeals to God for Nehmat’s life to get fine. The women sing in the haldi capability. Mallika and Ekam cry seeing Jay’s pic. Renuka embraces them. Mallika and Naaz sit for haldi. Nikhil and Advait likewise get the haldi applied. Satti says I m exceptionally glad for you. She favors Naaz. Shelly reviews Jasmin’s words. She figures Nikhil will be out and Advait will be in.Mallika says Ekam its my haldi today, guarantee me, I will take your haldi to Nehmat’s home. Ekam grins. Naaz and Mallika wear their jodas/bangles. Everybody in the capabilities dance. Nehmat comes to see Mallika. She grins. Mallika sees Nehmat and goes. Ekam turns and doesn’t see Nehmat. Mallika opens the window for Nehmat. Nehmat praises her and applies the haldi to her. She shows the kaleerein… . Mallika grins joyfully. Rab ke khel… plays…

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Shamsher says I realize you don’t cherish Mallika, your genuine love is legislative issues, presently you need to deal with Mallika. Advait says OK, we are in peril zone after Jay’s passing. Shamsher says nobody can hurt us until Mallika is with us. Jasmin says game will happen as I need. Naaz says Mallika and Nehmat have ridiculed me, presently I will destroy your rest always, when Mallika sees the pics, she will drop the marriage and furthermore her kinship, my arrangement will work. Satti trains the customs to Nehmat. Nehmat keeps the coconut in the mandap. Ekam checks the mandap plans. Nehmat slams into him. The two of them get into the mandap fabric. They have an eyelock. He says I m sorry for not confiding in you. Nehmat cries. He says I ought to have confided in you. She asks did you excuse me, are you not annoyed with me. He signs no. She says I knew it, you will come and converse with me. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea how I neglected, I didn’t pay attention to you, I fouled up with you, you had nobody with you, I let you be. She says no, I was in good company, I had trust that you will converse with me, every one of our issues got arranged. They hug.

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Precap: Ekam tells Nehmat, they will talk after Mallika’s wedding. Shelly gifts Naaz her lehenga, Naaz is exceptionally cheerful. Jasmine says now my Nehmat will wed Advait.

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