Udaariyaan 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 10 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 10 february 2023

The Episode starts with Naaz going to call Mallika. She asks why didn’t you call me. Mallika says I didn’t feel the need to call. Naaz says fire caught up at the farmhouse. Mallika asks what. Naaz asks her to check news. Mallika sees the news and gets shocked. She asks is Nehmat fine. Naaz says she isn’t fine, your fate is good, nobody knows about you. Mallika says I don’t know what happened, I left from there. Naaz says give me all the details, whatever happened there. Ekam comes and says Naaz, where are Rupy and Satti. Naaz says emergency room. He runs. Mallika asks is Ekam there. Naaz says of course, he will be with Nehmat always, Ekam knew that Nehmat went to farmhouse to meet Advait, I heard Advait and Ekam talking. Mallika worries.

Written Update Udaariyaan 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

She says if he knows about Advait and my affair, then he will kill me. Ekam says I will kill the person who did this with Nehmat. Rupy and Satti say Shamsher and Advait are trying to find out. Ekam says I will meet Nehmat, why can’t we go to her. Rupy says maybe they don’t want the media to make any news. Ekam thinks I will meet Nehmat. Rupy says media is here, if they see you with Nehmat, don’t know what they print.Harleen comes to call him. Ekam says please inform me if anything. He thanks Harleen. He says I m really worried for Nehmat, I will go to the farmhouse and check if there is any clue. Mallika says I should have not heard you. Naaz says it was your game, you are blaming me, what was the need to ignite the fire. Mallika says I didn’t do that. Naaz says Advait will try hard to save his image. She ends call. She thinks I have to find out how did the fire catch up. Ekam sees the fallen bracelet. He recalls Nehmat. Constable says Sir, there were three people here, we got footprints of three people. Ekam asks are you sure. Constable says yes. Ekam asks who can be that third person. Mallika sees the bracelet and removes it. She hides it in the drawer. She says Advait will not let the truth come out. Ekam sits in the car outside the hospital. Rupy and Satti pray. Nehmat gets conscious. Ekam shouts Nehmat. Nehmat says Nanu Nani… Advait goes to her.

Udaariyaan 10 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ekam prays for her. Advait asks are you sure, how are you feeling. She says I want to meet Nanu and Nani. He says I will make you meet them, they aren’t here. Rupy says we will go and see, maybe Nehmat got fine. Advait says calm down, I will make you meet them. Satti says no, Advait said he will call us when she gets conscious. Advait asks why do you want Nanu and Nani, what do you want to tell them, how the fire got lit, I already told them everything, I will call the nurse. He asks nurse to see Nehmat, she is getting restless, give her a sleeping medicine. Nehmat gets injected. She sleeps. Advait says sorry Nehmat, you have to sleep for my peace.

Udaariyaan 7 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 10 february 2023

Ekam thinks who is this third person. He gets shocked seeing news. Shamsher says we regret to tell that Nehmat lost her child, Advait is taking care of his wife. Rupy and Satti worry and rush to see Nehmat.

Ekam says such a bad thing happened with Nehmat, I should meet her. Rupy and Satti see Nehmat gone. Satti picks the flower. He asks where is Nehmat. Doctor says don’t worry, she got discharged, sorry for her baby. Rupy says we will go to their house and see. Shamsher calls him and says bad happened with Nehmat, I came to tell you, you were asleep, Nehmat lost her baby. Naaz looks on. Rama sees Naaz at the door. She makes Naaz out. Shamsher says Nehmat is getting attacks, I had sent her to trauma center, Advait took her, I want Nehmat to get fine soon and come home. Ekam comes and asks for Nehmat. Satti tells him. Rupy comes and says Nehmat was much upset, her condition was getting worse, Advait took her to a trauma center. Satti asks why. Ekam asks what’s happening, they discharged Nehmat without police statement. Shamsher says it was an emergency, I have to win the elections. Naaz thinks to find out Nehmat. Nehmat gets Rupy’s call. Advait disconnects it. Rupy says she isn’t answering, she will call us when she gets fine, she is with her husband. Ekam thinks that’s why I m worried. Advait asks is everything fine. Nurse nods and goes. He looks outside. He sees his house. He thinks dad just got his house to hide Nehmat. Reporter says Shamsher has told us, Advait and Nehmat have lost their baby. Ekam thinks to find out where is Nehmat. Nehmat gets conscious and says Nanu. Advait says make her sleep. Nurse injects her. Nehmat sees Advait, Rama and Shamsher. She asks where am I, I want to go home. Shamsher says give her the injection. Nurse says we have to give her many injections to keep her unconscious. Shamsher asks how long will we keep her here, Ekam doubts you, you won’t become MLA now. Advait asks how did he get to know. Shamsher says I don’t know. Advait thinks I will become MLA, even if I need to kill Nehmat. Ekam is on the way. He asks how can this happen, they discharged her in a day. He imagines Nehmat and him. Udaariyaan…plays…

He teases her. She says the day I go missing, you can’t find me. He says I will find you from anywhere. She asks do you love me so much. He says I can give my life for you. He cries. He says you can’t go lost anywhere, I had told you, I will find you out.

Precap: Nehmat’s Nana and Nani come to Advait’s house. Advait sees them through a small opening. Nehmat realises that and shouts Nanu. Advait closes her mouth and stops her from alerting her Nanu.

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