Udaariyaan 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 7 January 2023

The Episode begins with Harleen saying I m going to meet Ekam. Nurture stops her. Harleen says Ekam has saved my life, he is my legend, I will meet him and he will get fine. She persuades the attendant and says they can’t prevent me from meeting my legend. Nehmat cries seeing Ekam. Harleen enters through the other entryway. She welcomes him and lauds him for the activity battle. Nehmat thinks who is she. Harleen says I didn’t say thank you, get up, legend. She kisses his cheek. Nehmat looks on. Medical caretakers take Harleen out. Harleen contends with them. Nehmat asks could I at any point meet Ekam. Specialist says no, I will check him and afterward let you know. Specialist goes to actually look at Ekam. Nehmat thinks pay attention to my heart and get up, you need to get fine, open your eyes. Specialist says I think he needs to answer. He signs Nehmat to come in. Nehmat cries. Advait comes and stops her.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Nehmat says please Advait, pay attention to me. He takes her. Nehmat requests that Advait kindly tune in. He reprimands her. Nurture says his heartbeat is falling. Specialist treats Ekam. Advait requests that Nehmat stand by, Ekam will emerge, either by recuperating or after dying.Renuka cries. Nehmat says kindly recollect humankind. Advait says its your affection, not mankind, stop this show and accompany me. Media comes and gets some information about Ekam. Advait says Nehmat and I have come to see Ekam. He adulates Ekam. He says she really wants rest, I m bringing her back home, specialists are treating Ekam, we need to leave now. He requests that she come. Specialist stresses for Ekam. He goes to Rupy and says his bp fell low, he can slip into extreme lethargies, simply a supernatural occurrence can save him. Satti gets Nehmat’s call.

Udaariyaan 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Neeru says Nehmat has gone to meet Ekam around evening time, she has no concern for anybody. Everybody comes. She says I m telling about Nehmat, she has gone to meet Ekam. Naaz says she didn’t tell however she would have gone to see Ekam. Neeru says OK. Nikhil says I m sure Advait is likewise there. Shamsher conversed with Advait. He says he isn’t at the emergency clinic. Rama asks where did he go. Nikhil calls Advait. Advait brings Nehmat home and pushes her. Nikhil holds Nehmat. Advait says let them know where did you go around evening time. Neeru says I saw her running outside. Nehmat says Ekam is basic, I saw the news, its extreme for him to get by, so I went to see him, I m unfortunately he saved our lives. Rama inquires as to for what reason did you go alone. She reprimands Nehmat.

Udaariyaan Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 January 2023

Shamsher inquires as to for what reason did you go, on the off chance that media knows, what will occur. Advait says she was remaining external ICU alone, media had come, I arrived at there on time. He says Nehmat, you can’t play with my regard. Nehmat sees the parade. Shamsher says you can go there. Neeru says don’t go to the clinic. Nehmat goes to pray.

She joins the parade. She arrives at the Gurudwara. Tu meri jaan hai… plays… Specialist attempts to restore Ekam. She says you need to win for the good of Renuka and Mallika. Renuka says he has no ability to live, so he didn’t think prior to putting his life in danger. Specialist says think we lost him. Satti supposes in the event that Nehmat was here, she would have followed through with something. Nehmat implores. Satti comes to Ekam and says Nehmat hasn’t arrived, however I have this cloak, it can help you. She conceals Ekam with the wrap and blesses.

She says my heart says that this cloak will uphold you in this battle, you will win. She goes. Nehmat gets favored. Baba says when an individual supplicates, Ruler doesn’t cause him to lose trust. He gives her prasad. She cries. Ekam’s finger contacts the cloak. He opens eyes.

Harleen strolls out and about. Ekam saves her. She says I will make you my legend. Advait says I will make Ekam my bodyguard.

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