Udaariyaan 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Udaariyaan Written Update 8 December 2022

The Episode begins with Ekam and Nehmat’s creative mind finishing. The man requests that they move, he will get the mandap fixed. Ekam stops her and says we will talk after Mallika’s marriage. Nehmat grins. Udaariyaan… plays… They cry cheerfully. She says thanks to Ruler. She figures all that will get fine after Mallika and Naaz’s relationships. Game plans are happening in Advait’s home. Ruler says its my obligation to get both my nephews to the mandap. His significant other says you don’t behave like workers. Ruler says its your home, I m likewise yours. She requests that he wear pagdi. He says I will give the sherwanis to Nikhil and Advait. Shamsher is available for any emergencies. He says its Advait’s marriage, indeed, Nikhil’s marriage is likewise occurring. His better half requests that he come and perceive how his children are looking. Shamsher says I really buckle down for them. She says you look cheerful today. He reviews Jay’s demise. He says I disposed of an issue, head inside, I will come. He thinks once this marriage occurs, all that will get fine. Mallika gets decked up. Nehmat prepares Naaz. Advait and Nikhil likewise get dressed as the lucky men. Nehmat thinks I hope everything works out for everything goes. Shamsher says this marriage will make your fantasies valid, every one of the cameras will be on you and Mallika. Naaz says the cameras will be on me and Nikhil. Shelly says your pic will come in the paper. Nehmat says if the individual focusses on affection, she needn’t bother with some other concentration, simply center around Nikhil. Naaz nods.

Written Update Udaariyaan Today Episode

Nehmat reviews Ekam. Shamsher says you can turn into a major legend, you need to depict yourself as an ideal family man, media prints such news, you can turn into an optimal legislator, recall that. He thinks once this marriage occurs, I will show Jaaz. Jasmin sees Naaz on video call, and grins. Shelly demonstrations of clicking pics. Jasmin says Naaz is so fortunate to get a mum like Jasmin, when you understand what I made arrangements for you, you will be blissful and embrace me. Satti comes there. Shelly closes the call. Satti averts the awful sight. She thinks Jasmin is appalling that she isn’t with her girl today. Jasmin says I m fortunate, my little girl will become senior bahu of a major family, I will gift this neckband to Naaz when she becomes Mrs. Naaz Advait Kapoor. Mallika calls Advait. She asks did you prepare. He says OK, nearly, you? She says nearly, I m missing father. He says I know, his approval is generally with us. She says OK, see you. Advait’s mum comes and applies kajal to him. She gives him a sword close by and says now you look an attractive husband to be, come soon for tying the sehra. Advait thinks once this marriage occurs, my political profession will take off. Naaz cries. Everybody races to see her.Naaz says my lahenge got ruined. They all stress seeing the variety sprinkled on it. Shelly asks how did this occur. Naaz blows up on them. Nehmat requests that she quiet down. Shelly says I feel its haldi. Naaz asks how could haldi come on it. Nehmat says no, its paint, smell it. Satti says OK. Shelly put the paint on the lehenga. Satti says it will get washed off. Shelly says no, its on the front, Naaz purchased this lehenga. Naaz says I get issues in life generally. Nehmat requests that she unwind. Naaz asks how might I unwind, I don’t have anything to wear for the marriage, Nehmat consider something, tackle this issue. Nehmat says I will go to showcase and get new lehenga. Shelly asks how might you make due. Nehmat asks is there some other choice, Naaz quit crying. Naaz says I generally split the difference, I won’t think twice about. Nehmat embraces her. Shelly says I have an answer. They request that she say. Shelly says I have something special for Naaz, I will just come. Nehmat says quit crying. Shelly will follow through with something. She fixes Naaz’s cosmetics. Naaz gets Nikhil’s call. She asks what will I tell him. Nehmat accepts the call. He gets some information about Naaz. Nehmat says she is preparing. He says show me her face once. She says husband to be and lady of the hour can’t meet before marriage, it’s a custom. He says fine, give my message, I love her and I miss her. She says I will give your message. Shamsher ties sehra to Advait and says you are my pride, very soon, you will get the governmental issues in your grasp, you need to keep our regard. Advait says OK. Shamsher ties sehra to Nikhil and requests that he help Advait in business. Nikhil says it will occur as you say. Mallika grins seeing her lehenga. Shelly gets the equivalent lehenga for Naaz. She says this is your astonishment. Naaz and everybody grin. Naaz says its truly gorgeous, I m blissful, how could you get this. Shelly reviews Jasmin. She says this was your amazement, I needed to give this at the bidaai time. Nehmat says much thanks, astounding. Jasmin chuckles. She says I m the genuine relational arranger, it will be fun when my Naaz becomes Mrs. Advait Kapoor.

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