Udaariyaan 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Udaariyaan 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 12 february 2023

The Episode begins with Harleen seeing Ekam embracing Nehmat’s wrap and dozing. She figures love me the same way, Ekam, I will attempt that I end your aggravation with my adoration. She goes out. She says aunt, Ekam was drained, he rested, I will go now, you eat, fare thee well. She leaves. Renuka says she is so beautiful, I m happy that Ekam is focusing on her. Mallika says OK, Harleen isn’t all that awful, she is the right young lady for Ekam, she is so supporting and mindful. Harleen returns to get her satchel and hears Mallika. She thinks how can Mallika praise me, how did her viewpoint change about me. Its morning, Ekam meets monitor. The man says I attempted to follow Advait and Nehmat’s telephones, the telephones were off, Advait’s telephone was on for three mins yesterday. Ekam asks what’s the area. Overseer says Kapoor house. Ekam says it implies they are at home. He says don’t tell this to anybody, keep their telephones on tracing.

Written Update Udaariyaan 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Ekam says Advait’s down is over at this point. He drives off. He says on the off chance that she tells everything to everybody, my vocation will be demolished, I won’t allow this to occur. He eliminates her breathing apparatus. He takes a pad and attempts to choke out her. She battles. Ekam returns home. He yells Advait Kapoor, emerge. Shamsher comes and asks Advait what are you doing, did you go frantic, her sweetheart has come, in the event that he knows, he will kill you. Nehmat looks on. Advait says he is generally near. Shamsher says sit idle. Rama says Ekam has come and he is addressing, I can’t make him talk, accomplish something quick. Shamsher and Rama go out to Ekam. Ekam says I got to realize that Advait and Nehmat are in this house. Shamsher says hogwash. Ekam asks what is your take, how did Nehmat leave the city, are we tricks. Shamsher expresses stay in your cutoff points, we came clean to the media. Ekam contends and says get everybody out, I will actually take a look at every one of the rooms. Rama says there is no one at home, they went in family members’ capability. Ekam inquires as to for what reason didn’t you go. Shamsher requests that he recall his status. Ekam says my status is sufficient to show your status. Shamsher asks did you get any court order. Ekam says I needn’t bother with any court order, stop me if possible. Ekam and police staff go into the house. Monitor gets Ekam. Ekam beats him and cautions. She yells Nehmat and actually takes a look at the house. Nehmat hears Ekam. She reviews Ekam. Advait undermines her. She cries. He calls the attendant. Shamsher says I will call your IG. Ekam says take my telephone, call anybody you need, don’t stop me, else I will consume your child’s brilliant future, I know it all. Shamsher asks what do you know. Ekam says some third individual was likewise there, I will figure out who was that third individual. Shamsher stresses. Rama says let him check, we aren’t frightened, there is nobody. Ekam says much obliged. Shamsher says call Advait, he shouldn’t track down Nehmat.Renuka says I realize Ekam went for Nehmat once more. Harleen says unwind, we need to give him some time, see I have made tea as you had educated me. Renuka says enough, I will prevent him from pursuing Nehmat. Ekam glances around and yells Nehmat. Advait is concerned. Harleen conciliates Renuka and grins. Ekam really takes a look at the room. He yells Nehmat. Rama asks did you really take a look at well. Ekam says we will check and get fulfilled, that is our work. She says don’t meddle with Shamsher, you will lose your employment. Ekam says you ought to be embarrassed, you are a lady and you are watching another lady getting tormented. Shamsher requests that Advait conceal Nehmat from Ekam. Advait says I don’t have the foggiest idea, that medical caretaker has taken off, I came to the next space to track down a rope. Shamsher says don’t let her be, I will call his IG and stop him. Advait goes. Nehmat attempts to move. Ekam actually takes a look at the other room. She drops a glass. Ekam hears the sound. Shamsher and Rama turn. Advait staggers by the rope and tumbles down. Nehmat says Ekam… and cries. Rama surges. Ekam pursues her. Nehmat says I m here. Rama goes to kitchen and says I dropped this utensil. Ekam says it was a decent attempt, yet this wasn’t the sound which I heard. Rama says goodness God, Advait, Ekam could contact you. Ekam yells Nehmat… . He steps on some floor covering and stops. Nehmat yells I m here. Ekam eliminates the floor covering. There is an entryway. Constable gets down on Ekam. Ekam goes. Shamsher conceals the entryway. Advait gets Nehmat and ties her up. Constable says we have looked through the whole house, yet we tracked down nothing. Shamsher says you wrecked the whole house, presently get lost. Ekam thinks where are you Nehmat. He closes eyes. He sees a window outlet and asks what’s this. Shamsher stresses and says stop. Ekam runs and looks inside.

Udaariyaan 12 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Nehmat assaults nurture, infuses her and she swoons. Nehmat gets away from the room. She sees Advait get off his vehicle. Nehmat goes conceals in vehicle trunk. Advait seats inside the vehicle and sees Nehmat through his mirror.


Udaariyaan 9 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 february 2023


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