Yeh Hai Chahatein 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 1 february 2023

Sam shows deadened Aaliya to Mohit and says he and Ishani demolished Aaliya’s life, however he feels Aaliya will fully recover with Mohit’s return in her life. Revati says its great that Mohit got back to Aaliya. Sam cautions him not to think session Ishani once more. Mohit says Ishani herself will not as he made herextremely upset. Sam illuminates that Mohit and Aaliya’s wedding is following 2 days as he would rather not defer it any longer. Revati requests that Sam bring Aaliya’s drugs. Sam says let Mohit bring Aaliya’s drugs and deal with from hereon. Mohit leaves. Sam closes entryway. Aaliya energetically embraces and says thanks to Sam and demands to take her on wedding shopping. Revati says Mohit will see her and all their arrangement will go to no end. Sam says he will take Aaliya out. Aaliya feels excited.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Nayan visits medical clinic and seeing Mohit says he should be content with Aaliya subsequent to demolishing Ishani’s life. Sam sees her and asks how is she doing Mohit. Nayan says he called her to deal with Aaliya. Sam says Aaliya and Mohit’s wedding is following 2 days and he maintains that her should go with them for shopping. Nayan figures she will go with them and attempt to figure out truth. Ishani moves well in her new dance company. Her choreographer commends her splendid dance and requests that show coordinator get another outfit for Ishani. Coordinator says they will go to RM shopping center. Sam with Mohit, Aliya non a wheelchaior, and Nayan arrives at RM shopping center. Ishani likewise arrives at there and asks Nayan what are they doing here. Nayan says they came for Aaliya and Mohit’s wedding shopping. Ishani says thanks to Mohit for his second marriage.Sam gifts another Goodbye Nexa cross breed electric vehicle to Mohit and invites in his loved ones. They guarantee the vehicle. Mohit expresses gratitude toward Sam and says its affirmed that getting back to Aaliya was the ideal choice. Ishani leaves from that point crying. Mohit feels miserable. Inside the shopping center, Sam requests that Mohit coordinate his dress with Aaliya’s dress. He requests that Nayan select a lehanga for Aaliya. Nayan wavers. Sam chooses a lehanga for Aaliya and says he will occupied comparative sherwani, he can hardly stand by in any event, for 2 days. Ishani feels unsettled and goes from that point. Mohit leaves Aaliya’s hands and strolls to the side. Nayan think Mohit was attempting to making Ishani envious and doesn’t cherish Aaliya, she really wants to meet him and figure out truth. Mohit says he will proceed to attempt sherwanis. Nayan says even he will attempt a few dresses and leaves.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Nayan strongly goes into Mohit’s changing room and demands him to admit that he cherishes Ishani and Sam is compelling him, she will help him assuming he tells truth. Mohit says he previously told that he really wants a sumptuous life and is content with Nayan Sam attempts sheraniw and gets dubious reasoning Ishani and Mohit should meet in an evolving room. He strolls to evolving room. Nayan demands Mohit to tell truth or, more than likely he will demolish 3 lives. Sam thumps changing rom looking for Mohit. Mohit gets strained hearing him. Nayan signals him to talk. Mohit says he is inside. Sam asks how is he doing so lengthy in an evolving room.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 1 february 2023

Precap: Nayan tells Mohit that Ishani will pass on in distress if doesn’t uncover truth. Mohit says he will. Nayan sees Revati tenderizing a specialist and questions specialist. A woman passes by Sam. Sam recognizes her scent smell and thinks she is here.

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