Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 11 January 2023

Mohit tells Ishani that Nayan told that assuming he adores somebody, he ought to communicate it transparently and never travel in 2 boats immediately, so he chose to uncover Aliya that he doesn’t cherish her and will part ways with her. Ishani says he knows how Aliya and his mother would respond. Mohit says he doesn’t mind as he cherishes Ishani and can leave anybody for her. Ishani inquires as to whether he truly needs to this. He embraces her and says he needs to go through his entire time on earth with her and inquires as to whether she says OK or not. She embraces her and says even she needs to remain with him, she adores him. Mohit expresses thanks to Nayan that she energized him. She says Chintu told he is Nayan’s sibling, why Chintu is both Nayan and Ishani’s sister. Ishani says Nayan is her senior sister. He says she can open up with him. She uncovers that Nayan’s marriage isn’t occurring and young men who come to see Nayan select her all things being equal, so their mom requested that they go about as companions until somebody chooses Nayan. Mohit vows not to uncover this mystery to anyone.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Chintu watches baaraat coming. A woman pusshes Chintu unintentionally and he tumbles from gallery, calling his sisters for help. Nayan and family get strained seeing him tumbling down and close eyes in dread. Sam runs and holds Chintu on time. Chintu expresses gratitude toward him and leaves with Malati and Paati. Nayan expresses gratitude toward Sam. Sam illuminates that he is return to London tomorrow and might very well at no point ever meet her in the future. Nayan thinks why she is feeling strange as though she lost something. Kiara’s wedding finishes. Aliya praises her. Kiara requests that she go to her post-wedding party with Mohit. Aliya says sure.Ishani enthusiastically expresses gratitude toward Nayan and illuminates her that with Nayan’s consolation, Mohit said he will say a final farewell to Aliya and will remain back in India with her. Nayan reviews Sam’s visually impaired kin love for his sister and gets strained that Sam won’t allow Mohit to leave Aliya. Mohit strolls to Aliya. Aliya requests that he delay their excursion as they need to go to Kiara’s post-wedding party. Mohit illuminates her that he would rather not get back to London with her as he doesn’t adore her and needs to say a final farewell to her. Aliya yells assuming that he is in his detects. Mohit says he is. Aliya asks what happened out of nowhere. Mohit says he never had any affections for Aliya whatsoever and never cherished her. Aliya yells to quit lying or, more than likely she would have known, did some other young lady came in his life. Mohit figures she will kill Ishani assuming he tells truth. Aliya yells to let him know reason. He says he needed to separation since quite a while. Aliya leaves shouting.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Chintu strolls in yard perusing a book and conflicts with Sam. His specs separates. Sam apologizes and proposes him to purchase another specs. Chintu says they don’t have the means to purchase new specs, Nayan is wearing a wrecked specs as she paid his school takes care of with the cash she put something aside for new specs. Samrat offers to gift Chintu another specs. Chintu gets blissful at first however at that point says he doesn’t require it as Nayan would be wearing a messed up specs at any rate. Aliya meets Kiara and illuminates her that Mohit needs to part ways with her. Kiara says he will not until he would have tracked down another young lady. Aliya says it should be either Nayan or Ishani without a doubt and requests that Kiara welcome them to her post-wedding party, she will sort out how to manage them and Mohit.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 11 January 2023

Nayan and her family gather their packs to leave the retreat. Three men wearing dark stroll in. Nayan asks who are they and how could they go into the room very much like that. They say they came for Chintu. Chintu takes cover behind Malati. Samrat enters and says he is giving a specs for Chintu. Chintu says he previously told he doesn’t require it as Nayan is wearing a messed up specs. Sam says he will gift new specs to even Nayan.

Precap: Kiara welcomes Nayan and Ishani for her post-wedding party. Aliya hangs tight for Mohit in a party. Kiara shows her Mohit conveying Nayan. Police reviewer calls Samrat and requests that he visit police headquarters as Aliya is gotten with drugs.

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