Yeh Hai Chahatein 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 16 January 2023

Ishani and Mohit rush towards mass wedding scene to prevent Samrat from wedding Nayantara. Their taxi stalls out having a difficult time. Ishani says she will call Nayan and illuminate her that she is wedding Samrat and not Rohit. Nayan in the middle of taking pheras with Samrat doesn’t pick call. Ishani says her sister’s life will ruin in view of her, she will not have the option to excuse herself in the future. Mohit solaces her. Samrat and Nayan’s pheras finished. He puts mangalsutra in her neck and expectations he strangulates her, he will torment her every day. He then, at that point, applies sindhoor in her hairline and figures she will revile her hairline at whatever point she sees it as she did a wrongdoing of cherishing Mohit, he will torment her every day. Ishani arrives at setting and runs in. Mohit stops her and says Samrat won’t extra her in the event that he sees her, so she ought to remain out while he goes in and quits wedding. Ishani concurs and stands out.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Malati, Paati, and Chintu return digger and are stunned to see their home consumed. Neighbors say it probably occurred because of short out. Paati and Malati begin crying. Chintu considers illuminating Nayan and Ishani about the fire mishap. Panditji illuminates Nayan and Sam that the wedding ceremonies are finished and they are a couple now. Mohit enters and lets Nayan know that this marriage can’t occur as Nayan wedded Samrat all things considered and not Rohit. Sam reveals his face and figures how did Mohit come here as he had secured him in washroom. He yells that he bombed Nayan and Mohit’s arrangement of wedding and getting away to Sydney subsequent to double-crossing Aliya. Mohit says Sam is figuring incorrectly, he doesn’t cherish Nayan. Nayan figures Sam will hurt Ishan assuming he figures out that Mohit loves Ishani all things considered and lies that she is hitched to Sam now. Mohit attempts to make sense of, yet Nayan stops him. Sam keeps on flaunting about himself. Nayan gets Chintu’s call who illuminates that their home is scorched, Malati and Paati are crying hopelessly, so she ought to get back soon.Nayan gets back and attempts to support Malati and Paati. Malati asks where will they stay now. Sam says they will remain in his home and says he met Nayan in Kiara’s wedding and fell in her adoration, so he wedded her in a mass marriage occasion. Nayan figures she can’t uncover truth to Malati or, in all likelihood her condition will deteriorate in the future. She lets Malati know that she adores Sam and thus wedded him. Malati inquires as to for what reason did Sam embarrass Nayan on news channels. Sam says media advertised their little contention, he enormously cherishes Nayan and can forfeit his life and end anybody’s life for her. He guarantees them that they will remain with him in his home. Malati and Paati acclaim Samrat. Samrat says let us return home at this point. Nayan asks what’s going on with he. Samrat expresses out loud anything a spouse ought to accomplish for his better half and her family.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Revati reproves Samrat for wedding Nayan without illuminating her. He lets Sam know that Nayan helps her to remember somebody and inquires as to whether he knows what to do. Sam says this evening is Nayan’s most horrendously terrible evening of her life, she could never have envisioned what will she go through.


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