Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 January 2023

Samrat gets private with Nayantara and says she cherishes her poise, he will grab her nobility from her today. He keeps an apple over her and says in the event that she thought drawing nearer to her is his expectation, his aim is something different. He target rehearses on her and says lets check whether his blades will raise a ruckus around town. She gets strained thinking he needs to kill her. He keeps on tossing blades towards her while she shuts her eyes in dread. He at long last hits an apple and cheers; inquires as to whether she is glad that his objective was an apple, yet his objective is something different. He tosses blade once more and cuts her dress pressure making her dress to tumble down. He turns his face around and say this was his objective, however he would rather not see her uglyy body. He thinks why he is feeling awful, drinks liquor and nods off on bed. Nayan liberates her hand and curtains, wraps a sweeping around her, and believes Sam’s folks showed made him this, she will show what her folks educated her.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Next morning, Samrat awakens and is stunned to see his hair style. He yells who played with his hair. Nayan strolls in and snickers on him. Samrat yells on the off chance that she did this. Nayan acknowledges and says he played with her nobility yesterday, so today she annihilated his most cherished thing, his hair. She reviews how she trim his hair with scissors when he was snoozing. Out of flashback, Nayan clicks his pic and takes steps to transfer it in virtual entertainment and uncover his discourteous way of behaving towards young ladies, he doesn’t merit a family and its great he doesn’t have his very own group, and so forth. Samrat leaves yelling she will repent.Malati strolls to Revati, who is eating with Aliya, and offers her a silver coin as shagun. Revati haughtily discards coin and embarrasses her maxim her normally looking monstrous young lady is hitched to a rich rockstar, so they can’t be equivalent. Sam strolls down and asks Revati not to affront his MIL. Aliya inquires as to for what reason did he change his haircut. Sam says a rodent trim his hair the previous evening, so he transformed it. He asks Malati for what valid reason she isn’t eating, in the event that she likewise puts stock in a custom that young lady’s family doesn’t have even a water of daaughter’s home, she needs to eat however as she is remaining here yet from her own well deserved cash. He calls workers and says they are on leave from today as Malati will do all family errands all things considered. Nayan blows up on him. Malati says its OK as she is adjusted to work. Sam says he ought to make sense of it for even her daughter.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Malati takes Nayan to her room and inquires as to why Samrat is acting with her like this. Ishani enters by means of window and says she will uncover truth. Malati asks where was she since yesterday as Nayan told she is at her companion’s home. Nayan attempts to stop her. Ishani uncovers entire story occurred. Malati overreacts and asks Nayan for what good reason did she put her life in extreme danger to save Ishani. Nayan says Samrat is a beast and can do anything for his sister, he would have hurt Ishani on the off chance that he had figured out truth; she is with Sam until Mohit and Ishani arrive at Australia and afterward we as a whole will escape from Samrat’s home. Ishani says Mohit will meet Samrat. Nayan races to Mohit and stops him. Mohit says he will illuminate Samrat that he is find employment elsewhere. Nayan says Samrat won’t extra him. Mohit says Samrat thinks he adores Nayan, he has booked his and Ishani’s Australia tickets for this evening and requested that his representative book Chennai tickets for Nayan and family, Sam will hurt them.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 January 2023

Precap: Mohit illuminates Samrat that he is find employment elsewhere. Nayan with her family attempts to take off from Samrat’s home around evening time when Chintu drops a jar cautioning Samrat. They arrive at air terminal and find their tickets dropped, Nayan figures Samrat probably done this. Samrat strolls in and says she is right.

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