Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 19 December 2022

Police captures GPS and carries him to police headquarters. That’s what pihu and Digvijay notice and ask monitor for what valid reason GPS is captured. Examiner illuminates that GPS is the superb suspect in Armaan’s homicide case now and liberates Digvijay. Pihu asks how did this occur. Investigator says Digvijay demonstrated that he was at Sohanpur’s ATM at 2:50 a.m. at the point when Armaan’s homicide occurred, so with new confirmations, he is certain that killer is either GPS or Preesha or the two of them together killed Armaan. Pihu and Vidyuth says he is mixed up. Monitor cautions them not to meddle in his examination and requests that constables remove GPS and Preesha. Preesha demands him to allow her to address her better half for 2 minutes. Examiner licenses. Preesha requests that Rudra check Armaan’s call records as the killer should be knowing Armaan from previously and probably visited him subsequent to calling him ahead of time; very much like police thinks she and GPS have a maxim to kill Armaan, even killer should have a saying. Rudra vows to find the killer and free her and GPS soon.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Rudra strolls to examiner and inquires as to whether he check Armaan’s homicide day’s call logs. Reviewer blows up and cautions Rudra not to educate him. Rudra solicitations to show him call logs. Investigator declines. Rudra calls a professional who assists him with getting call logs. He sees 3 obscure numbers and calls them. First and second numbers end up being Armaan’s office number and telecaller’s number. A third number ends up being a taxi driver’s who after much examination illuminates that Armaan had booked a taxi yet didn’t board it. Rudra thinks Armaan needed to meet a killer utilizing a taxi and asks what was Armaan’s drop area. Driver says Inn Blue Diamond.Rudra arrives at inn Blue Precious stone and sits tight in relax asking god for help. He is stunned to see Revati there and thinks what is she doing here. He follows her and contacts her lodging. Revati is stunned to see Rudra and attempts to close the entryway. Rudra powerfully enters and says she can’t get away from now, she killed Armaan. Revati acts stunned and says she didn’t kill Armaan. Rudra inquires as to for what reason did she come here. Revati says she has some work here and isn’t associated with Armaan’s homicide. Rudra says there is association as Preesha uncovered how she took their child with Armaan’s assistance. Revati says she didn’t take his child and yells to get out. Rudra inquires as to for what reason did Armaan book a taxi to come here. Revati denies his claims and says she is clueless. she cautions him to leave from that point or probably she will call lodging’s security.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rudra powerfully checks Revati’s portable and shows her calling Armaan over and again. He says presently police will take care of their business. Reviewer with his group and Preesha arrives at Revati’s room. Rudra lets Preesha know that she is correct that somebody who realizes Armaan all around killed him, Revati is Armaan’s killer and its demonstrated with her call logs. Preesha slaps Revati and compromises her to uncover where child is before she does anything wrong. Revati stops her and inquires as to whether they are distraught to denounce her, she doesn’t have their child. Preesha slaps her once more. Revati says she doesn’t have anybody’s youngster, it was Armaan’s arrangement who made her lie in return of 100 crores. Rudra inquires as to for what reason did she lie then. Revati at last concurs that she killed Armaan.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 19 December 2022

Precap: Sharda discovers that Revati had killed ?Armaan and tells family they will begin over again now. Preesha feels something wrong will occur. Revati thinks she acknowledged Armaan’s homicide according to her arrangement. Preesha’s mangalsutra separates and says she is certain something wrong will occur.
Revati figures they won’t figure out even in 7 lives how is she going to manage them.

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