Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 19 January 2023

Mohit meets Samrat. Samrat asks what is he doing here in the wake of making’s Aliya extremely upset and destroying his life. Mohit says he came to illuminate that they can’t cooperate once more. Sam says Mohit was his worker. Mohit says he thought they were companions. Sam says he was nevertheless not currently. Mohit says he is fouling up. Sam says he won’t ever pardon him for what he did. Nayan strolls in. Sam holds her personally. Nayan attempts to stand up to. Mohit leaves. Sam thinks he maintained that Mohit should feel desirous and leave. He powers Nayan to go to a conference with him and orders her to relax his shoestrings, leaving his financial backers in shock. Nayan releases his shoestring and attempts to leave. He arranges her to bring espresso for him. She shows him espresso. He tosses espresso and orders her to set up a new espresso for him, takes steps to uncover truth to her mom. Nayan thinks let her serve him to not let him in on that they are getting away from this evening from his house.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Samrat then, at that point, requests that she knead his back and leaves when he gets a call. A financial backer attempts to get into mischief with Nayan. Nayan drives her away. He attempts to compel himself on her. Samrat returns and wastes financial backer for getting out of hand with his significant other. Financial backer says he figured he could do without his significant other. Samrat keeps on slapping financial backer. Different financial backers stop him and leave. Nayan asks Samrat for what valid reason did he save her. He says he is posessive about session his stuff. Nayan thinks she needs to endure him till this evening. Around evening time, Nayan awakens her family and attempts to quietly leave. Chintu drops jar unintentionally. Samrat occupied with appreciating liquor listens to establish and strolls of his space to check. Nayan and family stow away. They escape house. Mohit and Ishani sitting tight for them get them into taxi and reach airport.They arrive at air terminal. Mohit requests that they stand by while gbets his and Ishani’s registration. Official says his identification is torn, so they can’t permit him to fly. Nayan inquires as to whether his registration didn’t occur. Mohit says somebody tore his visa. Nayan supposes if Sam spoilt his identification. Sam enters and says his better half is correct, he is the person who destroyed Mohit’s arrangement of leaving India. He uncovers that he heard Mohit and Nayan’s discussion and took an inn staff’s assistance to indulge visa. He reviews entire occurrence. Ishani faces him and says she thought Sam is a decent man, yet he is a malevolence. Sam says he is additionally same as she upheld Nayan and Mohit’s malicious demonstrations, he won’t allow Mohit to get his affection on the off chance that Aliya doensn’t get her adoration; he won’t allow Nayan to leave India always as she is his better half now.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Nayan asks Mohit advise Samrat that he is prepared to wed Aliya. Mohit does same. Sam fixes court wedding and arrives at court with his loved ones. Nayan in lieu of going to washroom escapes.


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