Yeh Hai Chahatein 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 2 january 2023

Nayan and Samrat’s nok jhok proceeds. She asks him for what valid reason is he following her. He says he ought to scrutinize her equivalent, she is following he from air terminal and ought to concur that she is his enormous fan like many, he can invest energy with her on Saturday as he is reserved from Monday to Sunday, she can knead him and afterward get close with him. Nayan yells he is nauseating and vents out her displeasure on him. Malati lets her companion know that Nayan is a held and quiet young lady. Companion watches Nayan yelling at Samrat and inquires as to whether she truly thinks so. Maalti offers something probably occurred without a doubt and strolls to Nayan. Nayan says he is upsetting her since yesterday. Malati says let her talk and removes Nayan. Samrat thinks this young lady is truly mad.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Ishani looks for Nayan and knocks on Aliya. Aliya inquires as to whether she is the person who needed to join Sam’s group. Ishani says OK. Mohit joins her and asks what is she doing here. Ishani says she came here to go to a wedding with her sister-like companion. Kiara’s mom calls everybody to go to Kiara’s haldi custom. They scatter. Malati illuminates Nayan that she has chosen a couple young men for herself and solicitations her to meet them once. Nayan reluctantly concurs. Numerous odd acting young men meet her, and she feels aggravated with them all. Samrat keeps on chasing after young ladies and traps one. He gives his room access card to her to visit him this evening. Nayan faces Malati for choosing such young men for her. Malati demands her to meet some more and goes to call them. Nayan calls Paati and illuminates what Malati is doing. Daadi says she will come there and control Malati. She takes Chintu along.Aliya approaches Samrat and demands him to sing at Kiara’s wedding. Samrat denies and says Mohit will discover another VIP. Aliya demands and says her companion maintains that main him should play out, its even her desire and he understands how she will respond in the event that her desire isn’t satisfied. Samrat concurs her for the wellbeing of she. Aliya illuminates Kiara that Samrat concurred. Samrat’s group young ladies begin moving, one of them named Ayesha turns her foot and tumbles down. Nayan goes to Ayesha and treats her. Ishani says she can supplant Ayesha. Samrat says watching dance and performing are 2 distinct things, he won’t recruit any irregular artist. Mohit says Ishani is a decent dancer.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2

2023 Written Update Today Episode

Kiara says there could be no other choice than employing Ishani. Samrat concurs. Nayan guarantees Ayesha that she will give her medication and play out her physio meetings day to day. Kaira’s mom demands her to remain back till the wedding gets done and persuades even Malati and Ishani. Around evening time, Nayan strolls towards her room when she conflicts with Samrat’s young lady and trades her room access card unintentionally. She goes into room finds Samrat lying without garments on bed.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 2 january 2023

Percap: Nayan irately asks Samrat what is he doing stripped in his room. He says its his room and shows card. She attempts to leave and he impedes her direction. She slaps him, he attempts to slap her back, she holds his hand. Ishani imrpints her haldi spread hands on Mohit’s kurta accidentally. He dozes wearing it. Next morning, Aliya sees his kurta.

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