Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 26 November 2022

Rudra calls a specialist to fix Roohi’s telephone. Technican says is totally spoilt and unrepairable. Roohi feels miserable that they lost their main video proof and they can’t uncover Armaan’s reality before Preesha now. Rudra says they will discover another proof and says in the event that Armaan is intellectually steady, they will have a phony assault on him and uncover him before Preesha when he fears for his life and goes about as a grown-up. Saransh asks how might they do that. Rudra makes sense of his arrangement.
Rudra sorts out Roohi’s birthday celebration and calls occasion coordinator for the arrangments. Preesha thinks for what reason is he arranging party for the children. Sharda asks Rudra what is he arranging. Rudra says he is arranging his princess’ birthday celebration. Sharda says Roohi’s birthday celebration is finished. Rudra says he was absent then and needs to satisfy his princess’ each wish.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Rudra then, at that point, visits Preesha for the party and says she can bring even Armaan along as he can appreciate with the children. Armaan has an energized hearing outlook on party. Preesha concurs. Pihu asks Rudra for what reason did he welcome Preesha. Rudra says he welcomed Armaan rather as he will appreciate with kids and Preesha will go with Armaan as his gatekeeper. Pihu inquires as to whether he is certain this is the main purpose for. Rudra says OK. He winks at Saransh and Roohi. Party begins at night. Roohi sits in a corner unfortunately. Rudra with Saransh strolls to her and asks reason. Roohi trusts their arrangement works and they can uncover Armaan. Preesha strolls down with Armaan and wishes her cheerful birthday. Roohi expresses gratitude toward him. Armaan thinks for what reason is Roohi acting so sweet, something is going in her mind.Sharda calls Roohi to come and cut the cake. Roohi slices cake and feeds it to Rudra and Saransh. Preesha stands to the side close to home. Rudra sends her a cake by means of a worker. She eats cake. Rudra inquires as to whether she is feeling great that her child and his children are playing. Preesha says Armaan isn’t her youngster. Rudra says she acts with Armaan like her own child. Rudra says she won’t address him as he generally banners her. He holds her and cleans her lips. Tere Naam Sei Howdy Roshan Mera Hai Jahan.. tune plays behind the scenes. Pihu and Armaan get desirous seeing that and think what’s happening with Rudra. Saransh Rudra will over-indulge his own arrangement. Preesha asks Rudra what’s going on with he. Rudra says he is being a decent dad and clean his kids’ mom’s lips. She stamps him and strolls way.

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Saransh giggles on Rudra and says he realizes mamma could do without all that. Saransh says they ought to execute their arrangement cautiously. A jokester engages kids. He sets up a jumping castle and requests that children go along with him. Armaan wavers. Roohi figures her arrangement will fizzle in the event that Armaan doesn’t come up and demands him. Preesha sends Armaan up. Armaan exhaust that he needs to do this hogwash. Jokester fixes bomb coat to Armaan and declares that he has fixed a bomb in Armaan’s coat and takes steps to impact it assuming somebody approaches them.

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Precap: Comedian takes steps to squeeze remote and impact bomb. Preesha goes up to save Armaan. Armaan figures he will save his life first failing to remember his kiddy drama.

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