Yeh Hai Chahatein 28 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 28 November 2022

A jokester fixes bomb in Armaan’s coat and requests 1 crore Rs cash in no less than 15 minutes to save him. Armaan argues Preesha aunt sto save him and supposes assuming Rudra and his kids have arranged this. Rudra thinks he has arranged it and expectations he runs and uncovered himself. Armaan reviews Pihu alarming him that Rudra is arranging something to uncover him. Comedian sets bomb clock and says kiddy Armaan would impact on the off chance that they don’t give him cash quickly. Preesha figures she can’t know where her child is assuming Armaan bites the dust and commitments comedian to organize 1 crore rs. She argues Rudra to give her 1 crore rs. Rudra say how could he save fiendish Armaan and regardless of whether he needs to, he can’t orchestrate 1 crore rs in 15 minutes.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Rudra organized a phony bomb to undermine Armaan and uncover him. He thinks let the Armaan begin running and let everybody in on that he is going about as youngster. Preesha packs generally her gems and cash to give it to the comedian in return of Armaan’s life. Armaan believes on the off chance that he ought to run and uncover himself or pause. Jokester requests to send every one of the children out. Preesha offers him adornments and cash and says its worth 25 lakh rs, she will pay him remaining cash later. Comedian says he isn’t a bonehead and takes steps to give him cash or, in all likelihood he will squeeze bomb remote and impact Armaan. Preesha argues not to and demands Armaan to save Armaan some way or another. Digvijay says he doesn’t have 1 crore and requirements time to organize it.Digvijay vows to move cash in jokester’s record in return of Armaan. Comedian inquires as to whether he assumes he is distraught to give every one of his subtleties and get captured and threans to press the remote button at the present time. Preesha argues not to. Roohi and Saransh Rudra inquire as to why Armaan is as yet going about as youngster, on the off chance that their arrangement will come up short. Rudra says he knows Armaan who is a quitter and would attempt to take off, he is shocked why Preesha needs to save Armaan. They notice Preesha missing. Preesha strolls to overhang railing and arrives at jokester and Araan putting her life in danger. She pushes jokester from behind and makes him tumble down. Armaan cries that he fears filthy uncle.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today’s Episode Online

Preesha takes off coat from Armaan’s body. Pihu remark that she didn’t realize that Preesha loves Armaan such a lot of that she would put her life in danger to save him. Comedian says she has simply 30 seconds left to save Armaan. Armaan thinks Preesha is saving him as he most likely is aware where her child is, Rudra has barely any familiarity with it and thus attempting to kill him; he will hop from that point and save his life, let Preesha pass on. Preesha stops him and vows to save him. She tosses coat in air, bomb detonates and spreads variety paper pieces all over. Jokester giggles and says it was a trick. Preesha slaps him.

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Precap: Rudra asks Preesha what is extraordinary in Armaan that she put her life in danger and saved him. Preesha says he doesn’t have any idea. Roohi says in the event that Preesha had not saved Armaan, he would have been uncovered. Rudra takes Preesha to Armaan’s office and uncovered Armaan’s truth.

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