Yeh Hai Chahatein 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 30 November 2022

Atharva lashes out on Digvijay for making 20 crores Rs misfortunes in his organization. Digvijay says he put the cash in the organization all things considered and is certain they will get great gets back soon. Armaan says 20 crores Rs is definitely not a modest quantity and he ought to have taken his choice first. Rudra with Saransh peeps into Armaan’s office and notification Armaan and Digvijay’s battle, he says Digvijay probably done some slip-up and Armaan is defying him like a grown-up, its demonstrated that Armaan is acting. He requests that Saransh call Roohi and making sense of the circumstance requests that she bring Preesha there. Roohi demands Preesha to go with her and takes her to Armaan’s office.
Rudra with Saransh goes along with them and take her to show Armaan’s truth.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Armaan lets Digvijay know that he endeavored to develop his business and can’t allow Armaan to demolish it. Digvijay says even he really buckled down for their business and would get the cash back. Rudra shows Preesha their battle and says on the off chance that Armaan is actually a youngster, he wouldn’t be battling with Digvijay like this. He acknowledges that he played that comedian trick to uncover Armaan. Preesha says she will face Armaan and on the off chance that he is acting, he ought to respond to her. She enters Armaan’s office with Rudra. Digvijay stunned asks what are they doing here. Armaan begins his silly show once more and acts blissful seeing Preesha.Rudra requests that he quit going about as they saw Armaan and Digvijay’s battle. Digvijay says he was keeping an eye on them and assuming he had come in as opposed to with nothing to do, he would have known truth. Rudra says Armaan is going about as youngster. Digvijay says Armaan is acting by sitting in front of the television. Armaan says he was going about as a money manager and requests that Preesha go along with him. Digvijay cautions Rudra to quit keeping an eye on them and burning through their time. Rudra inquires as to for what reason did he carry him to office in the event that he was taking him to action class. Digvijay says he got some significant call and came to office first. Armaan his demonstrations. Preesha asks Rudra stop his misconduct or probably she will get him into trouble.

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Armaan reviews Pihu calling him and cautioning him ahead of time in the wake of hearing Rohi and Saransh’s discussion. Armaan sees Rudra, Preesha, and kids watching him and requests that Digvijay go about as he says. Out of flashback, Armaan figures Rudra can do anything he desires to yet can’t uncover him. Back home, Rudra attempts to persuade Preesha with his clarification, however Preesha has little to no faith in him and reprimands him all things being equal. Rudra says he is doing it for herself and believes her should escape this wreck. Preesha gets some information about her and stress over Pihu all things being equal. She figures he shouldn’t realize that she realizes Pihu is pregnant with his kid. She pushes him out of room and locks the door.

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Rudra decides to uncover Armaan’s reality at any expense. Back to his room, Saransh and Roohi say Armaan changed the entire table in support of himself. Rudra says Armaan realize that they were coming and acted well ahead of time, he should keep an eye on them very much like they are keeping an eye on him through worker of another person. Saransh asks what will they do now. Rudra says they ought to give Armaan’s genuine cerebrum filter reports to Preesha and demonstrate that Armaan is totally fine. Roohi inquires as to how could Armaan concur for the outputs. Rudra says they shouldn’t let Armaan know.

Armaan picks spy camera in his room and tells Digvijay and Pihu that Rudra can’t keep an eye on him. He expresses gratitude toward Pihu for aiding him on time. Digvijay says Armaan acted well seeing Rudra and Preesha coming. Armaan cautions Digvijay to return his 20 crores in something like 7 days or probably he will atone. Pihu cautions him to act with his chachaji and reminds their assistance both monetarily and inwardly. Armaan says he keeps business and work discrete and wouldn’t endure misfortune is in his business. Pihu says Digvijay additionally buckled down for this business. Armaan cautions how dare she is to address him like that.

Precap: Rudra gets Armaan’s mind examines by giving him resting infusion. Specialist says Armaan is totally fine. Rudra shows sweeps to Preesha and says Armaan is totally fine.

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