Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 31 January 2023

Mohit lets Ishani know that his life transformed into damnation since he cherished and wedded her, he left an entire world for herself and turned into a broke and in prison in light of her. He says he presently understood that there isn’t anything in existence without cash. Ishani inquires as to whether love and family isn’t anything for him. He says he is in prison from a royal residence due to Ishani. Nayan requests that he stop as Ishani is getting injured. Mohit says this is truth. Nayan inquires as to whether he called her equitable to say that. Mohit says she got them hitched, he can’t have an unfortunate existence in light of Ishani and was better with his most memorable love Aaliya and Samrat. Ishani says he told he is worn out on Aaliya and doesn’t adore her. Mohit says he simply needed to trap her and needed to get physical with her, he knew is a run of the mill Indian young lady and wouldn’t allow him to contact her without wedding her, so he wedded her yet lacked the ability to contact her properly.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Ishani slaps him and inquires as to whether he simply needed get physical with her and just cash is everything for him. Mohit says its generally expected in London. Nayan says marriage is everything for them. Mohit expresses not for him, he will separate from Ishani and wed Aaliya. Nayan asks how might he separate from Ishani and wed Aaliya who is deadened and in bed. Mohit says Aaliya is as yet Samrat’s sister, he will get back his rich way of life subsequent to wedding Ishani. He requests that Ishani sign legal documents. Ishani will not sign. Mohit says he previously seared and is leaving prison, its ultimately depends on her whether she needs to sign and escape prison or remain in prison until the end of time. Ishani says she committed a major error by not distinguishing him appropriately, she can’t stand him. Mohit says she is burning through their time. Ishani says he is correct, she thought him as something different and he ended up being something different. She signs legal documents and tosses it all over and trusts she doesn’t see his face again.Mohit’s tears fall on legal documents. He wipes his tears and leaves without taking papers. Nayan sees his tears and thinks something is off-base. Monitor liberates Ishani and says she is fortunate that Samrat reclaimed his case or, in all likelihood they would have been in prison for a really long time. Mohit and Ishani take a gander at one another and review the quality time enjoyed with one another. Ishani leaves saying she would rather not see his face in any event, briefly. Mohit additionally leaves police headquarters cleaning his tears. Nayan and Ishani emerge from police headquarters and see Sam hitting the dance floor with performers. He requests that Mohit go along with him. Mohit goes along with him. Sam embraces Mohit and says he is glad to the point that he got back to his family, he is happy that Mohit uncovered that he was misdirect and doesn’t cherish Ishani anymore.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Mohit called Samrat and illuminating that he needs to go about as loathing Ishani and make her extremely upset or, more than likely she won’t separate from him. Sam vows to help him. Mohit thinks this was the main choice to get Ishani out of prison. Malati and Paati energetically open entryway and welcome Ishani and Nayan with an aarti thali. Malati asks where is Mohit. Ishani sets off aarti light with her uncovered hand and says no one will take Mohit’s name in this house in the future. Malati asks what occurred. Nayan portrays entire story. Malati says she cna’t comprehend how could Mohit do this. Next morning, Nayan goes to Ishani’s space to awaken her and thinks that she is absent. She illuminates Malati and calls Ishani, yet Ishani doesn’t pick call. Paati trusts Ishani is fine. Ishani gets back. Paati and Malati ask where she had gone ignorant, they were worried about the possibility that that she would accomplish something wrong after the previous occurrence. Ishani says she is heart broken, yet isn’t that frail to forfeit her life; she had gone for a new employee screening and found a new line of work in a dance group. Malati says its an uplifting news. Ishani says she fouled up by believing somebody, presently she won’t confide in anybody. She goes in to clean up. Nayan believes Mohit’s tears were not a falsehood, she will figure out truth at any cost.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 January 2023

Precap: Sam illuminates Mohit that his wedding is following 2 days and takes Nayan for wedding shopping. In an evolving room, Nayan inquires as to whether Samarat is driving him to do this, the two of them can overcome Sam in his own game. Sam thumps Mohit’s changing room door.

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