Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 4 february 2023

Nayan liberates herself and considers escaping store room by means of a window, yet thinks that it is stuck. She composes Assist on it’s glass and thinks she with willing hold on until somebody sees it and comes for help. Watch sprinkles water on the glass and binds her back to a seat. Revati lets Sam know that Aaliya is worn out and subsequently she will proceed to lie her down in room. Sam compromises Ishani to escape his home or, in all likelihood he will call police, says she was at that point in prison and she would go to prison once more. Ishani says she isn’t anxious about prison and says she won’t go until she meets Nayan. Sam thinks the two sisters are excessively shrewd. He calls worker and inquires as to whether Nayan is at home. Worker says she came some time back. Ishani won’t leave. Sam takes her to room and says Nayan is washing. Once more, ishani declines. Sam thumps restroom and inquires as to whether she is in. Aaliya in Nayan’s voice says she is washing and inquires as to whether he wants anything.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Ishani won’t go until she sees Nayan. Sam hauls her down and undermines him to get out. Ishani shouts that Nayan was correct that he is a beast and abuses young ladies. She leaves from that point. Sam gets back to room and acclaims Revati for dealing with Ishani well. Revati and Aaliya review how they tricked Ishani utilizing a voice modulator. Nayan liberates herself once more, breaks window glass, sees clinic in front, and shows glass reflection towards medical clinic to look for somebody’s assistance. Prem comes to medical clinic for an exam and seeing reflection strolls towards window. Nayan converses with him and illuminates that she is secured in a store room and requests that he call somebody to come and free her. Prem says he will come and open the entryway. Nayan says ther is a watchman outside, so he ought to proceed to bring some senior individual. Prem proceeds to look for security official’s help.Mohit in his room feels miserable pondering Ishani. Sam requests that he emerge. Mohit strolls down thinking for what reason is he calling him in the wake of destroying his life and is stunned to see his mom. Revati says she welcomed her companion and presently would be samdhan. Mother embraces Mohit and says thanks to Revati for welcoming her here. She gets some information about Aaliya. Sam says Aaliya is resting, she had met with a mishap. Mother gets concerned. Sam says she can meet her after she awakens. Mother inquires as to whether he is fine and requests that he show his room. Sam asks them not to talk much as the need might arise to prepare. Mohit and his mom leave. Sam lets Revati know that she did a good job for calling Mohit’s mom, yet for what reason did she let Mohit address his mom. Revati asks not to stress as Mohit’s mom is troubled by their approval and wouldn’t back off.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Prem takes security official external store room and says this messy until has confined his aunt inside the store room. Official inquiries watch who says emergency clinic employed him to monitor store room and shows his phony ID card. Official apologizes him and attempts to remove Prem. Nayan thinks she wants to follow through with something. Mohit’s mom inquires as to why he doesn’t look cheerful. Mohit says he would rather not wed Aaliya and is being constrained. He illuminates that he is now hitched to Ishani and Samrat deceived them and got them separated. Mother says such a lot of occurred here and requests that he make sense of detail. He makes sense of. Mother says how might they do this to her, don’t they think even he has a sentiments, how might he live in a powerful marriage, she squandered her life troubled under Revati’s approval and won’t let his life demolished. She requests that he not wed Aaliya assuming he truly adores Ishani. Nayan thumps entryway. Prem lets official know that he told this grimy uncle locked his aunt inside. Official focuses weapon at the gatekeeper and orders him to open the door.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 february 2023

Precap: Nayan enters wedding scene camouflaged as a Punjabi man. Watch illuminates Sam that Nayan got away. Nayan requests that Mohit’s mom assist her with rejoining Mohit and Ishani.

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