Yeh Hai Chahatein 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 6 January 2023

Samrat gets up in the first part of the day feeling bleary eyed and thinks when did he come to his room, who brought him here and took off his shoes. Mohit strolls in with a lemonade and says he assumes he want it. Sam says he truly does, tastes lemonade, and requests what kind from a companion he is who didn’t prevent him from getting vigorously inebriated. Mohit says he can’t stop Sam. Sam says thanks to him for carrying him to his room the previous evening and taking off his shoes. Mohit says Nayantara helped him rather than else he would have been lying in a dustbin entire evening. Sam say he will meet Nayan and inquire as to why she helped him. Mohit says Nayan is a sweet young lady, she wants nothing and aided him out of mankind. He requests that he prepare for a mixed drink party and leaves.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

Samrat looks for Nayan when Kiara’s dad stops him and demands him for a chess game. Samrat falters at first however at that point settles on demand. He is going to lose when Chintu assists him with winning. Samrat says thanks to him and distinguishes him a bike kid. Chintu says Sam was on an off-base side. Sam calls him a boss. Chintu says he gained it from his sister and focuses at his Nayan. Sam inquires as to whether he is chasmish’s sibling. Chintu asks him not to scratch his sister. Sam asks what will he call a chasmish then. Chintu flies off the handle and leaves. Ishani requests that Nayan prepare for the party soon. Sam strolls to them. Nayan asks what does he really want now. Sam says thanks to her for assisting him with enduring evening and offers Ishani to join his group. Ishani celebrates. Nayan says they needn’t bother with his approval consequently. Sam says he wouldn’t think twice about the nature of his work and is choosing Ishani as she is skilled and merits it. He leaves from that point. Ishani demands Nayan to let her join Samrat’s group. Nayan frowingly agrees.After a few time, Ishani and Nayan prepared in a western outfit for mixed drink party. Nayan wears bindi. Ishani asks who wears bindi on western outfit. Nayan says let it be as no one would watch her. Paati strolls in wearing western outfit and shows her energy to go to cockail party. Ishani asks her not to and ruin their temperament. Malati persuades Paati. At party, Mohit strolls to Ishani. She shakes her hand with him calling him a companion. A decorator demands Mohit to assist him with fixing candles. Ishani says she will and jumps on a stepping stool. While getting down, she slips. Mohit holds her on time and prevent her from falling. Their eyes lock. Aliya gets envious seeing that and yells what on God’s green earth is occurring here. Ishani leaves. Aliya inquires as to why he was holding Ishani. Mohit says Ishani was tumbling from a stepping stool. Aliya says he can’t contact any other individual with the exception of her. Mohit inquires as to whether she is no doubt, her possessiveness is choking out him. Aliya decides to show Ishani her genuine place.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Nayan feels awkward in her western outfit. Sam sees her and inquires as to for what reason did she wear it when she feels awkward. Nayan says she wore it for Ishani and has never gone to a mixed drink party. Sam inquires as to whether she is without a doubt and requests that she partake in the party. After at some point, Keya plays truth or dare game and requests that Aliya kiss Mohit. Mohit hesistates, however Aliya demands and kisses him checking Ishani out. Ishani feels dishearteneded and takes off from that point. Aliya thinks Ishani needed to draw nearer to her life partner, she showed Ishani her genuine spot. Everybody applaud Aliy and Mohit. Nayan looks for Ishani. Keya sees her and signs Aliya. She strolls to Nayan and demands her to play truth or dare game with her. Nayan reluctantly concurs. Keya says at whoever jug stops, they need to take a beverage first and afterward acknowledge truth or dare. Bottle stops at Nayan. Keya demands her to have a shot first. Nayan says she doesn’t drink. Keya says its a nonalcohol shot. Nayan makes an effort and inquires as to why its unpleasant. Keya says its an espresso shot and requests that she show them a disco dance. Nayan says she doesn’t realize disco dance. Keya requests that she dance whatever she knows.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 January 2023

Precap: Mohit illuminates Ishani that he doesn’t cherish Aliya and doesn’t have any desire to wed her. Mohit lets Nayan know that even he is a human with sentiments. Aliya gets desirous seeing Ishani and Nayan attempting to draw nearer to Mohit and Sam and pushes Nayan in a garbage.

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