Yeh Hai Chahatein 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 7 January 2023

Nayan loses during truth or dare game, and Kiara requests that she dance on an exciting music.
She looks for Ishani during mixed drink party and starts bharatanatyam. Server jokes on her and shows oddly she is moving on a stone melody. Kaira and her companions snicker on her. Sam upholds her and requests that she go on as she was moving great, its a contemporary hit the dance floor with a combination of Bollywood and bharatyanatyam. He requests that she show him and hits the dance floor with her. Others go along with them, leaving Aliya raging. Sam requests that she go along with them and takes he along. Nayan show her dance steps. Ishani figures she can’t get envious seeing Mohit kissing Aliya as Mohit is only a companion. Mohit strolls to here and inquires as to whether she is fine. Ishani says she came here to watch stars, even he enjoys watching stars. Mohit says he additionally prefers to check somebody out. Ishani shyingly asks whom. Mohit says her and inquires as to whether she came to watch star or got desirous of Aliya. Ishani says she doesn’t need to feel envious as he and Aliya are couple and she is only his new friend.

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Episode

She attempts to leave. He holds her hand. Inna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya.. tune plays behind the scenes. Mohit says Aliya kissed him all things considered and he would rather not kiss Aliya. Ishani inquires as to whether Aliya is compelling him to wed her. Mohit says he would rather not Aiya, yet he is troubled by Samrat and his family’s blessings and subsequently can’t say no Aliya. Ishani says she can comprehend. Mohit says he needs to kiss another person. She tensely asks whom. He says he needs to kiss her and kisses her lips. She stops him, says they can’t draw nearer when he previously consented to wed Aliya, and leaves from that point. Everybody applaud after Nayan’s dance. She says thank you quietly. Sam strolls to her and says you are welcome as he most likely is aware she would say thanks to him for his assistance. Ishani says she was overseeing herself and didn’t require his assistance. Sam says he can see her looking for help and needed to demonstrate that he isn’t similar to she thinks. She says she thinks nothing. He thinks she is correct and says she moves well. She says she can say thanks to him for that and says he said truth that he dealt with her, she is grateful for that.Aliya flies off the handle seeing Nayan attempting to draw nearer to Sam. Nayan feels sluggish because of liquor impact. Kiara tells Aliya that Nayan and Ishani are astute and are attempting to trap rich Sam and Mohit. Aliya says she will show her a thing or two and inquires as to whether she offered a liquor chance to Nayan. Kiara says obviously a slick shot. Aliya says let us perceive how might behanji Nayan control herself. Kiara asks Nayanto join her young lady’s posse and offers liquor. Nayan says she doesn’t drink liquor. Aliya blends liquor in Nayan’s juice and serves her. Nayan says even its harsh like last time’s espresso drink. Kiara demands. Nayan feels inebriated. DJ plays music. Kiara takes her group and Nayan to move floor. Nayan feels tired and strolls out.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Ishani gets back to her room and reviews Mohit kissing her. Paati awakens and inquires as to whether they returned party so early. Ishani says she is separated from everyone else. Paati asks where is Nayan then, at that point. Ishani leaves resort looking for washroom. She sees dustbin and snickers reviewing Sam falling into dustbin. She personally falls into it. Aliya giggles on her and lets Kiara know that no one will realize Nayan is in a dustbin. She gets back to Sam and says she went about his business. He asks what. She says Nayan was attempting to bait him, so she got her alcoholic and tossed her in dustbin.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 January 2023

Precap: Sam gets Nayan out of dustbin and says he feels truly forlorn. Mohit communicates his adoration for Ishani. Sam takes Nayan to her room.
Malati asks what happened to her.

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