Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16 December 2022

The Episode begins with Unforgiving saying we can get glad for our kids as guardians, while perhaps not as a couple, congratulations, to be Dadi ji. She expresses same to you, to be Dada ji. Aarohi converses with Preeti about Akshu’s twins. Yet again she says she will stretch out beyond me, how long will I do this show and handle this untruth. She tosses a pad. Shefali gets it. Aarohi says you… Shefali inquires as to for what reason did you toss this pad. Aarohi says you realize about the emotional episodes, sorry it hit you. Shefali jokes. She says I got a few books for you, read it, you will feel better. She thinks Aarohi was discussing some falsehood, will I ask her. She leaves.

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode

Aarohi discards the books. Akshu grins seeing the peacock feather. Abhi comes. He prevents her from stepping on a marker. She says I might have slipped. He says you need to take care 200%, great young lady. She says I need to turn out to be great mummy moreover. He kisses her and expresses good luck to us. She says I feel great at this point. He embraces her.He says sorry, when you gave me the uplifting news, I didn’t respond well. She says its alright, we do this generally, joy got duplicates. He says I know, twins, we ought to observe, I will get Chinese for you. She says I like it. He says I will get it from the Chinese slow down, not the valid Chinese café. She requests that he proceed to get it, then eat it himself, she will eat the apple, solid. She snickers and says I finished in Abhi’s assessment. He expresses 10 out of 10, be ready, such tests will occur. She gets the music chief’s call. She says he is inquiring as to whether I m keen on the collection. He asks what was your take. She says Dr. Iyer said I shouldn’t accept any pressure, music brings me happiness, I ought to do this, I will feel much improved. He says I would rather not split the difference with your vocation, yet the present moment your wellbeing is a priority.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Suwarna says its multi week now that Abhi and Akshu chose this. Dadi says Akshu and infants are fine, Aarohi is additionally great. Suwarna says we will send these laddoos there. Manish says OK, I m missing them a ton. They hope everything turns out great for everything goes. Akshu says I will arrange against slide mat additionally, similar to these enemy of slip shoes, Abhi took great consideration of me, I will examine with Abhi about the music chief, where is Abhi. Abhi comes and says you can’t go to studio, yet studio can get back home, I got your recording set, I addressed your music chief, he said you can sing from home. Akshu gets blissful. He says I don’t believe you should think twice about your vocation, and wellbeing. She says thanks to him. She embraces and says multi week passed, I trust everything is 10 out of 10. He says OK, we need to deal with eats less carbs and go for normal tests. She says we ought to appreciate too. He says OK, we will partake in a ton, however not miss the everyday practice, we need to do exceptional care.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 December 2022

Manjiri makes halwa for Akshu. She says I have sent Aarohi’s fav halwa to her, and this is your fav, have it assuming you need. Akshu says its astounding. Abhi says show me what is it. Manjiri says its sound. Anand comes and says you applied for leave. Abhi says OK, I need a half year of paternity leave, Akshu is becoming mum, I m becoming father, we will share the obligation, I need to invest energy with my children. Anand asks who will deal with the emergency clinic. Abhi says we will discover some great specialist, I will go if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. Anand says alright. Abhi takes care of the halwa to Akshu. Manjiri expresses not many new things are superior to old things, folks are grasping equivalent obligation. Abhi and Akshu contemplate. She gets panipuri pic in the notice. She grins. He wards her telephone off. Kesariya… .plays… He deals with Akshu well.

Akshu sings for the recording. Abhi comes and gives her meds. She the sings. He requests that she have juice. He requests that she rests. She makes him out. She goes to washroom. She sits hearing music. Abhi hangs tight for her. He says its late, she didn’t come. He gets down on her. He asks do you need something. She doesn’t hear him. He takes the entryway and calls out. He requests that she open the entryway. He stresses. She hears him yelling. He goes to break the entryway. She opens the entryway and sees him. He embraces her and says I was terrified. She says I m fine. He says I m yelling since long. She says sorry, I was paying attention to tunes, for what reason are you stressed, I m taking consideration. He says you won’t lock the restroom entryway, don’t hear melodies on headphones, come, its the ideal opportunity for rest. She says I came to clean up. He says come, I will give a wet towel, for what reason are you taking a gander at me furiously, rules will be rules. Goenkas chuckle. Suwarna says Abhi is making Akshu march, he is taking a lot of care of the approaching infants. Manish says I didn’t realize he will do this much consideration. They all discussion about Abhi and joke.

Manish says I had a wish, presently I got a reason, we will call Akshu and Aarohi, we will invest energy with them. Kairav says OK, I m additionally missing them, we will call the two of them. Suwarna says I will call Manjiri. Abhi requests that Akshu sit and relax. He requests that she have lemon, haldi and saunf water. Akshu jokes. They battle. Manjiri requests that they quiet down. Neil and Aarohi come. Manjiri says Suwarna called, she said everybody is missing both of you, you can go to Maayka for few days assuming that you need. Abhi asks what’s the need, there is the ideal opportunity for conveyance. Manjiri says I m a lady first, I was a young lady previously, I realize Maayka is unique for a young lady, you can go on the off chance that you need, you choose what to do. Aarohi says I have some work, I will go later. Abhi requests that Akshu go later. Akshu says no, I m missing them, I need to go. She thinks I need not many days break from Abhi’s tactical school. Abhi says I will call every one of them here. Akshu asks are you coming to drop me or not, tell me, I will battle on the off chance that you decline. Manjiri requests that Abhi go. Abhi nods.

Aarohi says no, I need to accomplish something before they realize my uplifting news is phony information, Preeti isn’t giving me any arrangement. She gets Preeti’s call. She asks any thought, what, end of the week trip, alright. Goenkas spoil Akshu. Kairav asks her what will she have. Akshu names numerous food dishes and says I don’t have a lot of eagerness, everybody ought to be made at home. She carefully guides Kairav. Abhi says don’t realize Akshu is following the eating regimen or not, I can’t screen from here.

Abhi contends with Akshu. Manish asks do you figure we can’t deal with Akshu.

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