Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 2 December 2022

The Episode begins with Akshu conversing with Manish available to work. She searches for the agreement papers. She gets the document from the storage. She gets the clinical document. The papers fall. She picks the papers. Abhi comes. She says sorry Abhi, your pixie papers tumbled down, I will organize it and give it, check in the event that anything is absent. He says completely fine. She goes. He figures I can’t tell Akshu her clinical reports truth.

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode

At the medical clinic, Abhi remembers to call Dr. Iyer. He sees Neil and reviews his words. They don’t talk. Aarohi goes to converse with Mahima. Mahima inquires as to for what reason did you call the police when Abhi slapped you. Aarohi says fail to remember it, is there any high profile case in this medical clinic. Mahima says no. Aarohi says it implies I got something significant in my grasp, I need to find out. Mahima gets out whatever new show will she do now. Manjiri says its truly adorable Balgopal, who gave this. Shefali says don’t have any idea. Manjiri asks Akshu what occurred. Akshu says I m inclination queasiness and tipsiness. Manjiri asks is there any uplifting news. Akshu says I marked the collection as of now, gracious that, not at all like that. Manjiri says it will work out. Akshu says I m likewise standing by to give you all that uplifting news. Manjiri says somebody gifted us the Bal gopal, I thought about this, anything that happened yesterday, I feel something kindness occur. Akshu says all will be great. Manjiri requests that Akshu place the icon. Akshu says I m happy to get the positive sign, I wish uplifting news likewise comes soon. They grin. Akshu goes.Abhi converses with Akshu’s PCP. Battery gets low. He says I will come and meet you. He keeps the document in the cabinet and locks it. He goes. Aarohi comes there and he would keep the record here, the cabinet is locked, how will I respond, in the event that he sees me here, he will actually slap me. She sees his telephone on charging. She actually looks at Dr. Iyer’s message. She actually looks at Abhi’s telephone by entering the secret word. She says you both have confidence in the idiotic idea of heavenly messenger time, 11: 11. She enters 1111 and opens his telephone. She actually looks at the message and grins. Abhi comes and sees her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today’s Episode Online

He asks how are you doing my telephone. She feels sorry for him and starts chiding. She says it’s the obligation of a specialist to tell everything to the patient, you didn’t let your significant other know that she can never get pregnant, in the event that she considers, there can be numerous complexities, this is cheating, you duped her, apologize to her, my unfortunate sister, when she comes what occurred with her, she will fail miserably. Akshu comes to the clinic. Aarohi says she will be stunned knowing this enormous gamble or that you have concealed something major from her. Abhi takes his telephone from her and says don’t realize that I slapped you, this is my own matter, stay out of other people’s affairs, proceed to partake in your wedded life. She smiles.

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Akshu reviews Manjiri’s words. He says you look cheerful. Aarohi says OK. He requests that she get out. She says you ought to have not done this with my sister, she would be grief stricken, she adores infants. She jokes and giggles on Akshu. She says she feels such a great amount for Shivansh, she make her day in any event, for little dogs, when she realizes what befell her, she would be devastated. He yells Aarohi. She yells Abhimanyu. Akshu sees a child photograph outline on the wall and smiles.

He asks Aarohi not to go too far, else it will be a foul. She says line is crossed, I will win this watch, you don’t have any idea how far I can do, simply watch what I do, Akshu will realize this reality at the present time. She goes out and sees Akshu coming. Abhi sees them. He signs no to Aarohi. Aarohi sees Akshu and goes. Akshu sees a couple sobbing for a still conceived child. She cries. Abhi sees her. Aarohi signs Abhi to come to her. Abhi goes to Aarohi’s lodge. She affronts him.

He says come focused. She says I will come clean to Akshu and you can’t stop me. He says no, don’t tell her, she can’t endure this, please. She asks did you simply say please, or did I hear anything wrong. She jokes on him. She requests that he say please once more. He says please. She says I m exhausted hearing this please. He asks what is it that you need. She says there is an expense to keep the mouth shut. He requests that she be indecent and express whatever she might be thinking. She asks will I ask anything. He says I can do anything for Akshu. She says you need to do what I say, let me know Jiju, do you concur.
Aarohi says I need the status and regard of Birla bahu. Abhi calls everybody. He says I need to give a gathering to Aarohi and Neil, I will perform too. Aarohi says it ought to be some great tune. Akshu looks on.

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