Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 30 December 2022

The Episode begins with Abhi and Akshu crying. Unforgiving comes and says Neil’s bp is plunging, come and follow through with something, Abhi, I m conversing with you, Neil is passing on. Abhi and Akshu are stunned. Abhi hurries to Neil. Akshu likewise gets up to go. Suwarna comes to Akshu and says kindly quiet down, are you fine, your PCP told me, you fine and dandy. Akshu says my children left me, I need to go to Neil, he can’t leave us. Suwarna says you really want rest. Abhi comes to Neil. Everybody sees Neil and cries. Akshu supplicates. Abhi additionally petitions God for Neil’s life. Manjiri, Aarohi and Shefali are supplicating at home. Abhi says CPR. Mahima says we have done everything. Abhi says we will continue to do it until Neil answers. Mahima says no utilization, Abhi. Abhi siphons Neil’s heart and requests that he tune in. He asks won’t you stand by listening to me, Neil, swear on me, you need to get up, open your eyes. He punches his chest. Neil opens eyes. Everybody gets blissful. Abhi says I knew it, you will pay attention to me, I m here, relax, I will deal with everything. Akshu expresses gratitude toward Kanha ji. Abhi says unwind, we will talk later. Neil cries. Akshu comes there. Neil says in the event that anything happens to me, deal with my child. Abhi asks what are you talking about, nothing will happen to you. Neil says like you have given me love, give a similar love to my kid. Abhi says we will give him love, nothing will occur, don’t do this, unwind, breathe.

Written Update Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Episode

Neil requests that Akshu guarantee. She says guarantee. He drops his hand. Everybody gets stunned seeing him dead. They all cry. Kairav says nothing will happen to Neil, simply sit back and relax. Parth says I will call you in the wake of arriving at the clinic. The emergency vehicle gets back home. Manjiri says Neil has come. They generally go to see. Abhi gets down the emergency vehicle. Manjiri asks where is Neil. They get stunned seeing Neil’s body covers with the white fabric. Brutal goes along. Aarohi sits crying. Manjiri gets stirred up. She yells seeing Neil’s face. She says this can’t occur. She asks what’s this, Neil is your sibling, how could you let this occur. Brutal requests that she stop it. Manjiri chides Abhi. Abhi embraces her. Aarohi says Akshu couldn’t bear my bliss, you killed my significant other, you took Neil to the show. Manjiri lashes out. She says it was concluded that you will not show up at the show, you denied, why did you go there, for what reason did you take Neil along, see his state. Suwarna requests that she quiet down. Manjiri says this happened as a result of you. Akshu cries and gets dazed. Manish holds Akshu. Manish says on the off chance that you have lost your child, even Akshu has lost both her infants, in the event that your aggravation is huge, her agony is additionally there. Manjiri says one wrong choice of yours has finished three lives. Abhi sees Akshu.Precap:
Abhi requests that Suwarna take Akshu higher up. Akshu denies and says I need to be here with Neil. Manjiri admonishes Akshu.


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